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Our Practice

Perth Hip and Knee is a subspecialist Orthopaedic practice comprised of four experienced surgeons who have all completed local training and overseas fellowships. We provide surgical management for all hip and knee conditions. You will find our service friendly and professional, as we accurately diagnose your Orthopaedic complaint and expedite the most appropriate treatment.

Our Mission

Perth Hip & Knee is dedicated to providing excellence in Orthopaedic care for Hip & Knee conditions.  This will remain patient focused utilising the latest technology and best available technique to obtain optimum outcomes.

Core Values

Excellence – Perth Hip and Knee surgeons dedicate themselves to providing world-class outcomes for each of our patients through the skilled use of the best available surgical techniques.


Our Surgeons understand that you are the most important part of the equation and strive to make the treatment process as easy as possible for you.


As an experienced group of surgeons we recognise that utilising our clinical results for further analysis and research is important in improving future patient care.