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Robotic Total Hip Replacement

Degenerative joint disease (DJD), a common cause of hip pain, is a chronic condition hampering the quality of life of affected individuals. There are different types of DJD and the most common ones include osteoarthritis (OA), post-traumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), avascular necrosis (AVN), and hip dysplasia.

MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement is an alternative surgical technique for performing THR for patients with degenerative joint disease (DJD). In this procedure a Stryker Mako Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System (Mako®) assists the surgeon in aligning and positioning implants more precisely.

Our surgeons were the first in Western Australia to perform Robotic Hip Replacement.  This option is now available for our patients.  Please discuss with our surgeons whether this would be of benefit in your individual case.

Makoplasty procedure

Accurate placement and alignment of the hip implant is crucial in hip replacement surgery. MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement utilizes a CT scan of the patient’s hip to generate a 3-D model of their pelvis and femur. This aids the surgeon in planning your surgery.

During surgery, the Mako® software provides dynamic information to enhance accuracy of the procedure. Such real-time information assists the surgeon in precise placement of the implant, which can be difficult to achieve with traditional surgical techniques.

The benefits of MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement include:

  • Precise placement of the hip implant using the surgeon-controlled robotic arm system with a decline in the possible risk of hip dislocation
  • Uniformity in leg length, reducing the risk of leg length differences post surgery

Stryker Mako Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System (Mako®)

The Stryker Mako® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System has three dimensional pre-surgical planning. During surgery, the Mako® provides the surgeon with real-time visual, tactile and auditory feedback to facilitate optimal joint resurfacing and implant positioning.

Stryker Mako® Features:

  • Accurately plan implant size, orientation and alignment utilizing CT-derived 3-D modeling
  • Enabling the pre-resection capture of patient-specific kinematic tracking through full flexion and extension
  • Real-time intra-operative adjustments for correct hip kinematics and soft-tissue balance

The system also enables minimally invasive and bone sparing, with less tissue trauma to aid faster recovery.