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Robotic Total Knee Replacement

Perth Hip and Knee surgeons work as consultants with Stryker in the area of advanced technologies and robotics.  Our surgeons are taking part in the early evaluation of Robotic Total Knee Replacement having performed the first procedures in December 2016. They continue to refine the technique and are actively participating in the early research phase of this exciting development.

Robotic knee replacement not only offers the hope of more accurate implantation of knee replacement but the possibility of individualisation of alignment of knee replacement and eventually customisable prosthesis design. Proving out the technology and the concepts involved in this will take a long period of time and it would not be expected to be mainstream therapy within the next 5 years.

Robotic UKR is available and the surgeons at Perth Hip and Knee were the first surgeons to perform such surgery in Australia. For more information please look at the Robotic UKR section of this website.